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Life With Dot
by Jane Vockrodt

Dot and the T.V.


I have always believed that dogs can't see what is on the T.V. screen.  I don't know why I think this.  I must have read it somewhere.  I'm sure I did.  I never really thought about it before.  Before "Life with Dot."  It just didn't seem an important thing to think about, until now.

None of my other dogs have ever watched T.V.  I am positively sure of this.  I would have noticed - I know I would.  They lie at my feet, sometimes sleeping, sometimes quietly chewing a bone, and I watch T.V.  Sometimes, if a dog in a movie barks, then one will get up and look around in surprise.  Maybe even try to look behind the T.V.  But watch a T.V. program?  Never!

Then one Saturday afternoon, I was watching the movie, "Call of the Wild" on T.V.  There was a big, beautiful husky dog in this movie.  Dot was lying at my feet, quietly chewing her bone, when this dog came into view on the T.V. screen.  He didn't bark or howl; he never made a sound.  He just quietly trotted into view.

Dot was ecstatic!  A new friend was coming to play with her.  Someone to jump on.  Someone who would let her grab his legs, and pull his fur.  She could even share her toys with him.  Dot was so happy.  She pranced up to the T.V. and bowed to her newfound friend.  There was no reaction from the other dog.  Dot was puzzled.  She swung her head around and looked at me as if to say, "did you see that?  I asked him to play and he is ignoring me!  How can he ignore me?"

Poor Dot.  Didn't this dog know how much fun he was missing?  She tried again.  Another bow.  This time she wiggled her rump in the air and wagged her tail, but still no reaction from the other dog.

This couldn't be happening to Dot.  She wasn't going to give up so easily.  She stretched out her right front leg and tapped the T.V. screen with her paw.  Still that dog wouldn't play with her.  She pounced on the bone she had been chewing on and picked it up in her mouth.  She took aim and threw it to the other dog.

I was taken off guard.  I had no idea that I needed to protect the T.V. from Dot.  Fortunately, her aim wasn't very good.  The bone fell to the floor, a few inches short of the T.V. screen.  Whew!  But no sooner had I started breathing again than Dot raced forward and grabbed her bone again.  She started prancing and whirling around.  I jumped up ready to intercept her.  I was going to save my T.V.  Dot was going to get that dog to play with her bone.  It was a stand off.

My husband walked into the room at this particular moment.  He saw me, crouched partway over, arms spread wide.  He saw Dot, a bone in her mouth, dancing around in front of me.

"Don't you think it is a bit dangerous to play with your puppy in front of the T.V.?" he calmly asked, then turned and walked away.

That darn Dot!  Always getting me into trouble....