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Life With Dot
by Jane Vockrodt

Dot and the Cows


Have you ever driven by Le Biftheque?  No?  Well it is a wonderful Steak House.  The smells are divine, even from the street.  The kind of smells that make your mouth water for a really good steak dinner.

However . . .

They have these cows.  Fake cows.  Big fake cows.  A black one and a brown-white one.  Right out in front of the building at the very edge of the curb.  It's the Le Biftheque trademark.

We always forget about those cows.  Or rather Peter, my husband, does the forgetting.  He ALWAYS drives down this main road to get to the Queensway.   Of course it never fails.   We always get there right when the light turns red and there we sit - parked  in front of Le Biftheque and those fake cows.

It doesn't  matter what Dot has been doing previously.  Sitting looking out of the windows, sleeping in the back of the van, or just curled up beside my chair - the minute the van stops, Dot always has to see why we have stopped.

There is no hiding those cows.  She always sees them.  Dot is convinced that the big black bull is going to charge our van. Her job is very important.  Save the people first.  Dot goes into action.

Bark! Bark!  Then, Crash!!  Lorrah, our older sedate, usually well-mannered dog leaps against the van windows and takes over the barking.  Dot is now very happy.  She's got help!!!

I'm laughing so hard, I am almost crying.  The people in the car beside us look in alarm at the barking dogs, then look over to those darn cows, and then they also start laughing.  I am in hysterics at this point.  It is so funny.

Peter yells at me over the noise of the dogs barking.  "Can you PLEASE get your dog under control?" I guess he doesn't notice that his dog Lorrah is bouncing off the van windows.

Exactly at this moment, the light always turns green, Peter steps on the gas, and the van leaves the cows behind.

Dot, once again, is convinced she has SAVED us.

I keep telling Peter that we have to stop and park at Le Biftheque someday and let Dot MEET the cows.  Now that would be funny for sure!  Hahahaha.